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I just can't sleep now because after the iftar im too itchy to have a cup of coffee.there you goes,thinking of jumping here n there. My body can' t tolerate with much caffein.a sip or two is fine.but tonight almost a cup,which is becos of the socializing time.chatting n coffee goes very well.
So hows life with a toddler now?
Fine.perfectly fine.
He ran everywhere he likes.mummy is sooo busy chasing him.the greatest part of meddling with toddler is, you could stay fit,or at least try to act ones.and by the time he falls asleep you ruin your energy too. Toddler.they have their OWN opinion.whether you like it or not,you have to deal with it.he might wanting to hold the cup by himself (which is finally will go on the floor) but u refuse to let him.they want to feed by himself,take longer time in bathroom and the list go on.this phase shall pass.i told myself. Just layan the end of the day,u will just regret because u were shouting n yelling at the very small man.the little boy…