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Keep on praying

The tenses are still around and clingy until I have occasional breakout, sleepless nights , being over emotional and I dun feel the joy of getting up and get ready to fact I force myself to.simply because I will send little D to the nearby nursery.
I don’t what to say, how to feel , what to react. I cries and whining towards everything.
Eventually I realizes Allah take charge of everything. As a mom I keep on praying for my little boy safety and happiness

Miss u like crazy!!

Alhamdulillah.friday arrived eventually.what a long week I felt.sat for long time in the office but its only half pas eleven.not half past 5.I miss my baby soooo much that I loose I miss him every single minute.or very heartbeat?Im collecting all the pieces of me and trying to pull myself ,filled up with strong and patient for little D. Desperately wants to see my baby.oh god I miss u like crazyyyyyy!!!

i am heartbroken

the tenses is everywhere now. with work and with the challenge to find the babysitter/taska for little D. mummy is under pressure here.wanna cries.

i cried few nights becos thinking of separation with D is really really really hurt and throbbing pain in soul.i got carried wayy tooo much. not doing any good to me or to D.

tommorow is my deadline or else grandma will take D back to Ipoh.thinking about this make me one sad gloomy could i go on when my bundle of joy is not with me.

cries and wails does not help, i know.

back in square

...anddddd im backkkkkkkkkkk at office.

its no fun to left your little bubba and off to work.the feeling is indescribable,mix feeling.and how much i have to fight to wake up early despite of how sleepless i am.

have to fight after 3 month lingering with baby and pyjamas until 9 o'clock.hehe

i miss my baby.

work?what is work?