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My New Position

Hello February
i woke up with mix feeling everyday. After 6 yrs of my lead in finance and accounting, i finally been transferred to head a NEW department called Transformation.
It for sure gonna be tough and tough but hopefully my 6 yrs journey abundant to begin with.So i am hand over all my past years pending works to my new assistant manager.(Hoping will be less questioning from her *roll eyes*) In the straight fight war, accounting has always win in my eyes.
to recap, i don't even believe that i have been working with the same company for 6 yrs. At some point, i think i knew the feeling of people working in the same place for like 20 yrs.OMG.what a number!!!really salute that especially when you slowly build up your career from nothing to somebody crucial in the company. Thats Achievement!!!! nothing compared to that ( thats why i always looked up to the person background especially the successful ones, dreaming to have that in my personal biography as well!!)
and most often people…