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Sick child

Many things came up lately. my son constantly sick n require extra tlc and workload has been mountain,unfortunately i cant neglect neither nor.
So less me time.less our time spend out together.everything become so rigid.i hv to go back on time to see n monitor my son n in the same time report has been well-prepared for the next morning meeting/approval.
And lately i hv been driving with guilty every morning.leaving my sick son who is indeed need his mother,is totally heartbroken,frustrated and less motivated.i began to feel my so called career is no longer meaningful.whatever i do become so less thoughtful.i just want my son to be healthy and happy again.
I am one sad mother.

Once a little boy baby is no longer a baby.he's turning one!!!

a yearrrrr.

a year has filled up with soo much patient, joyous, tears,excitement and worried plus two times trip to emergency becos of the noob parent but above all i feel grateful that my hubby and i manage to overcome everything that comes our way.

a year has passed by.once a helpess baby, now a very active-cannot-sit-for-a-while toddler.

To my son, Happy first birthday life there are ups and downs.there are tears and laughter,there are also happiness and sadness.
but in every stage, dont forget our Almighty creators, Allah, Ayah and mummy and your Doa and thought always be with you.May you be a successful intelligent businessman as our wish and has all the strength and blessing in your words could describe how much i loveeeee youuuu.

Happy first birthday Ali!!!!