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Migrainer no brainer

i have weeks by week full with migraines. it just soo damn repeated that i couldn't stand any more.
so,did some research and reading again and again and must decide something to fixed myself(to be exact my head).
trying to pantang with few types of food, but men it doesn't work at ALL T_T
you migrainer know right.
my type of migraine is constant and mild..only sometimes hiked up (when the workload going up and never some point, i THINK i should quit my job HAHAHA)
so i'll remember my best friend from Shaklee, Multivitamin Vita-Lea. i took this way back then when i was pregnant as i had low blood reading. its just worked amazing!!but couldn't remember if it had helped much with my headache during my gestation.hence i ordering it right away and trying it has been almost 5 days. i noticed:
1) i have some few pain on the top of my head.but very little compared to previous week.
2) i can drink coffee,i mean half glass of coffee, without headache. when normally i wil…