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its Monday and missing u

It is here.almost 2 hours before we majority ended our Monday blue, hopefully. feel blue as usual but this email really be the apple of my eyes;i read it as though i am winning the 1 mil lotery.i am perfectly sold!

The Ubudian Regards,

Corporate General Manager
Mobile # +62 8123 9991111


Jalan Raya Nyuh Kuning Pengosekan, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Tel. +62 361 978444 Fax. +62 361 971333

E. W.

Jalan Monkey Forest Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Tel. +62 361 975571 Fax. +62 361 975069
E. W.

owh God!!how i wish i was there!!!i miss u!

MSF Global - wedding dresses

the smart wifey is back.with loads of fun of cos.i am truly sorry for the unreplying email followed by an empty promise of the post bout my dress.owh no..i am ready to give it all soon as possible becos i have to take my shower and cook!

the location is behind the Greentown Mall also known as Nova.i rasa la.the shop named MSF Global.yellow signboard as far as i could recalled. you could find the owner Hassan, make sure you bring along the most adorable pictures from magazine or emmm internet.

discuss with him about the look u would like to have.

as piece of an advice, do not buy any cloth before you discussing with him. yes he provide lining and laces, but in the other case you have extra time to wonder around and hand pick the cloth, i suggested hold it first.

he then will advice you what type of material u'll be needding in order to deliver ur dress. 

for lining , it shouldn't be any problem. but for the laces you could buy based upon his advice.


LOVE - sarang

one of my faves from City Hunter

Anuar Zain

i love online shopping.becos whenever i dun feel like shopping (or no money hehe) i will view and compare prices and reviews.i feel better that way ;p 
but somehow, i feel disturbed today.becos this early morning, i was listening to Anuar Zain at Hotfm.its reaaaaalllllllllllllllllyyyy disturbing bebeh.and upset too.i can't make it to the concert =( i am such a loser.
i want to jump up and down now..i wanted to scream.. a revenge i will all out with his video today and printing his photos, frame it and stick to my office wall. thats sound nice n cool =D 
happy weekend.have a save journey =)

things to ponder

i am at the stage 1 of releasing my stress do feel good baby.i love,i hate,i m sick of job.we really have that strange relationship with my job apparently. and i really feel annoyed with the mixed i wish i could apply "my work is my passion" mantra everyday.its not that i dun have any passion (or else the work can't be completed). maybe there are more like responsibility inside me.more like duty perhaps?
i do always hv some little thought (that i'd shooed away), i wanted to change my 8 hours of working into something flexi hours or doing some other things out of my field. 
i guess the most things that hold us back (especially me) is our own feeling, insecurity. yeah all the tycoon and big boys started with feeling insecurity about their business right. and as time passes, the insecurity in them turn the passion in themselves, turn into courages and thats essential in making sure the business keep on going.
do i have that? (again and again asking u…