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Detik Indah Photography

for the past few months we tried to contact our official photographer and its a no avail.i am frust, dissappointed and angry towards our OP DETIK INDAH.yeah with the company moto goes "detik indah anda kami abadikan" pfttttttttttt..

the owner or head of the crew Ridhuan Abu Bakar / Dhiwan can't be reach at all the time,maybe one or two time were exceptional.The assistant/admin, Jay only could be reached, but to our deepest upset and unprofessionally answered, he mentioned that he also can't get through Dhiwan. he suggested that we ourselve wrote an email to Dhiwan. what kind of system is this company practised?

we have sent bulk of emails, phone calls, texts. there were slow in replying followed by empty promises and nothing above many 'end of the month' being shove to my ears.its kinda bleed sometimes.but end of the month never come, obviously to us.

if all of are query about the payment, yes we did the payment according with terms.only left out few % out of total.

few minutes ago after bashing him in email, Dhiwan replied:

Firstly I am terribly sorry for the incovenience and bad experience you both received from us. As said by Fahmi last time I did break the promise few times and feel embarassed during these times. I know its not an excuse for not replying but I can't promise anything after we failed to deliver at the final promise.

There has been some internal miscommunication between ourselves and looking to solve it very soon. I promise the photo n video materials are safe..

I will contact you by the end of this week of any progress, and everything will be sorted in this month, that's my promise.

Again, very sorry for the troubles.

i won't negotiate about this and kept my reply short and sound:


if ur r  prolong for the endless time and testing my limit i will report this to the consumer tribunal/get a lawyer/report ur blog & fb so that everything will be close down.please reply to me before 5 pm today.

i can't contained my anger any more. yes patient always has its own silver lining.

After so much things, i did replied to him its none of our business if he had internal miscommunication .is it should be area of my concern after looong time overdue?do u in sane mind need to wait for the bloody 6 months for ur wedding photos and video, if lucky.if not maybe once ur first baby is born?

looking at Detik Indah fb and blog, he has plenty of job of being hired as OP.and by judging of his management of administrative, and the fact that he handle all the editing by himself, i must say he is fail in delivering the final product to me within the time frame.even our emails and phone calls were hardly replied.

After so much angriness pushing through emails, my last word was, i will come and collect my things this coming Saturday no matter whats the problem arise.

Hopefully Saturday will obviously come.



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