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i am...Sony Pro

i dunno what to say actually. yes finally i change my hp and everybody make a big fuss of for memory record, dear diary, presenting my new android phone:

mine is red

 please click here for info

i have raving to u dear blog that my hp has some kind of saka that my sim card cannot be detected. after a while my new sim card also has the same some point, i am sure there will be a hole in my purse.

i am quite frust when visiting the samsung outlet.why la all the salesman has gold in their mouth?i asked one question, they replied in also one sentence.i hateeeee them.the one in Low Yat.i knew they already display for the purpose of testing and whatnots but act like a salesman, can u?

i went to SE outlet.they are so helpful and was helping me in order to pick the right phone.yes they do the talking and suggesting.

first i reallly like Neo V..but u know it is very under rated and low in quality.he show me this Pro and i like it!according to him, Pro is a combination of SE Arc and Ray.doesnt it sound so fantastics?hehe.

after using it for few days, here are my score points:

1) i took all types of photos - night, day, moving bla bla..and i can say i am quite satisfied with the camera and it iso.
2) the video is awesome
3) the lag time is tolerate
4) the screen is super clear

The only cons that i can noticed is SE Pro is A BIT bulk compared to peer.

but only yesterday,i itching to test some new function,touch able/unable function few times,and dang!!the Mcafee security pop out with the message that my hp has been block and i need to call XXX number and enter the pin code.i did and as drama as u know me diary,i panicked.

i calmed down, switch off and restart again.retype the pin code for mcafee in order to unlocked.tadaaaaa i make it usable again.hehe.of cos fahmi was involved here.but please trust me,i did it alone with Fahmi on the other line talking to me.but its me who did it!!!!

so far, this is my review about pro.will come back again when i finish turn the phone upside down.oh phone..please bear with me with longer life span.u r so high demand that maybe i couldnt buy another top this month.

please time dun be soooo extra itchy to test this and that


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